35 by 35 Update: #5 Try 10 Local Restaurants or Coffee Shops, Part 1

Those of you who’ve been following my blog for a while know that last October I celebrated my 34th birthday and made a “bucket list” of things I wanted to do by the time I turned 35. Well, I’m half way through the year with less than 6 months left until I turn 35 and my list still has quite a few items left to cross off. Of course with our move back to Kansas, there are several items on the list that will likely not be able to be crossed off (this year anyway), but after a bit of debating with myself I’ve decided to go ahead and leave those items on there. A Summer road trip maybe? You never know…

For now though, I need to play a little catch up as there are some on the list that have already been completed, I just haven’t shared the story here yet, so I’ll be doing that over the course of the next few weeks.

This week I thought I’d share completed #5… Try 10 new local restaurants or coffee shops. When I originally started drafting this list I had “try 12 new local restaurants or coffee shops”, but decided that was a little too many because we really don’t eat out very often, however, to my surprise this is one of the first items I completed! It helped that we had a few visitors during this time as well as some holidays and my husbands birthday, so I was able to complete this one right after the new year!

Here’s what qualified a restaurant as “local”: It had to be within a 65 mile radius of our home (couldn’t leave the Denver metro out of the list of options) and have started somewhere in Colorado with less than 10 locations.

And here’s a run down of 5 of the 10 places I tried (I’ll share the other 5 later).

Jelly Cafe Denver

1. Jelly Cafe, Denver 9/29/12… Yes, this was technically before my birthday, but since it was my birthday weekend and we had visitors, I decided it should count! This is my list, so I can make up the rules, right!? 😉

I went here with my family (the four of us) and my cousin Rachel. It was AWESOME! We waited outside for nearly 2 hours on a Saturday morning… weren’t sure if it would end up being worth it, but it was. These donut bites… to die for.

donut holes jelly denver

Lucille's Creole Cafe Fort Collins2. Lucile’s Creole Cafe, Fort Collins 9/30/12… again, before my birthday, but we had visitors, my list, my rules. 😉

The four of us went here with my cousin Rachel again and Aunt Meg and her man Charlie. We were told this is one of the best breakfast spots in Fort Collins… it definitely didn’t disappoint.

IMG_3170The kids were of course all smiles once this mean waffle came out just for them. These two don’t mess around when it comes to breakfast.

Lucile’s has locations in Denver and Boulder too, so if you are traveling in that area sometime, definitely check it out… I’m sure those locations are just as yummy.

jax fish house

Jax Fish House, Fort Collins 10/5/12… this is after my birthday, so no need for excuses here. 🙂

Ah, yes, Jax… good times… went here with the four of us, Rachel, Meg & Charlie again. This is one I won’t soon forget. Just an FYI, this place does not serve steaks. It’s a fish house… just clearing that up in case someone gets confused. It’s kind of a long story, but somehow or another the 7 of us ended up at a fish house when not a one of us really cares all that much for seafood. And, really I say seafood lightly because this place is… well… more of a fish house (hence the name), they carry things your normal seafood restaurant probably doesn’t. If you love seafood and fish, you definitely will love Jax, if you don’t… well, then you might want to come up with another option. 🙂

Jax has locations in Denver and Boulder as well.

deli works

4. Deli Works, Fort Collins 10/13/12

When my cousin, Rachel and I went on our Antique Shopping extravaganza on College Ave. we stopped into Deli Works (also on College Ave.) for lunch. Honestly, my expectations were pretty low, based on the outer appearance of this establishment, but it really lived up to its reputation of having the best sandwiches in the world. They were really good as was their side salad. Really, really yummy! A good reminder not to judge a book by it’s cover. 😉


5. Snooze, Fort Collins 10/18/12

We had been wanting to try “Snooze: An AM Eatery” for a while, ever since we’d heard it was one of the (other) best breakfast places in Fort Collins. So, what better excuse than Rodney’s 40th birthday to go and check it out! Even better, Noelle was out of school that day for parent-teacher conferences, so we made it a family affair. Rodney absolutely LOVED his dish and still talks about it from time to time. We liked it so much that it was on our list of places to go to one more time before we moved, but unfortunately we didn’t make it. That’s ok, one more excuse to go back and visit! 🙂

So, many delicious eateries in Fort Collins and surrounding areas and this is just the first half! Stay tuned… I’ll share the rest later this week!


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