Creative Refueling

mixed media art background

Yay! I got made some time this last week to do some creating! It felt sooo good… well… once I got back into a groove… I had a couple of brain freezes because I’m so out of practice/routine. I haven’t done much creating in the last several months… I’ve been a little busy… right? That’s what I thought… and yes, I have been very busy packing, moving, unpacking, settling, getting snowed in and trying to keep kids busy and entertained, and on and on. BUT… I wasn’t making time to be creative… I didn’t think I had time and honestly I didn’t really have the desire. It’s been a hard few months… really hard, I’m not gonna lie… I’ve been exhausted and stressed… I’ve questioned things and wondered and worried and been anxious… even though I know we are where we’re supposed to be/meant to be and I am glad to be back, but it’s still been hard and creative time just hasn’t seemed like a priority and I’ve just been too emotionally wiped out to even want to try to be creative.


However, I forced myself last weekend to get into my space and do… something… anything. Thankfully it was spurred on by a friend asking me to help her make some stuff for her daughter’s birthday party and a few days later my Mom asking me to help her make a canvas and so I decided to work on one with her… we didn’t get very far but it made me realize how I’d missed being creative and how much of a refreshment & happiness builder it can be for me. I’ve always felt that when I make time to be creative I’m refueled to take on the challenges of life… but in the busy-ness of life, I’d kinda forgotten and lost sight of my neediness of it.

mixed media scripture art journal I’m definitely going to start making more time for it, the benefits far outweigh the struggle of finding the time! And, as a reminder… I think I’m going to print out this free Create Every Day printable from Kim over at Everything Etsy, you should check it out too!

Have you made time for creativity lately? Is it something you find hard to make time for right now or is it coming easily? What kind of creative work makes you happiest and most fulfilled or refueled?


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