There’s No Place Like Home

ruby-slippersAfter 7 months in Colorado, we’ve come to the conclusion that there’s just no place like home. We’re clicking our heels together and loading the moving van once again. It’s time to get back to Kansas Toto.

After years of dreaming of Colorado living you’d think we’d have not ever wanted to leave, but we’ve come to realize the real dream is living near our family. My husband and I both grew up in the Kansas City area, so it’s home for both of us. As much as we have LOVED Colorado, there’s just something missing here, there’s an emptiness that is hard to explain. Once the honeymoon of being here was over and we stopped having visitors, the homesickness set in and we just couldn’t shake it, especially after being back over Christmas. We’d rather visit Colorado and live near family instead of the other way around… something we just didn’t know it until we experienced it. We want to give our children the opportunity to grow up with their cousins around, having the grandparents at their school events and activities, having the positive influence of aunts and uncles nearby… this is what God has helped us realize… home is where we’re meant to be… to live and grow… to bloom where we were planted. Not to say that’s where everyone is supposed to be, but for us, it is.

Of course, this transition back is bittersweet as we’ve definitely met some great people here, made some wonderful friends and of course we will miss the daily mountain views, the nice weather and laid back culture. But, we know now that home is where our heart really is and it’s just where we belong… despite the flat grassy plains, crazy summer humidity, pesky mosquitos, scary extreme weather and fewer bicycles and beer… home is home whether we like it or not… it’s more about the people than the scenery and weather anyway.

So, stay tuned as the next couple of weeks will be super busy as we finish packing and moving into our new place. But, soon I will be back with lots more art, inspiration and more! 🙂


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