Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s important to be thankful everyday, but especially on this day… to pause and take time to reflect on all the one million and one reasons! So, while you are indulging in the turkey and pumpkin pie and all the other wonderfulness that is enjoyed in your family, take a minute to list out a few of those things.

One of the things on my 35 by 35 list was to start a 1000 gifts list and continue it… what better time to start that list than in this Thanksgiving month… and that’s just what I’ve done. I thought about all the different ways I could record those gifts and decided to just keep an ongoing list on twitter… I’ll have a record of it and be able to share it at the same time… you can follow me if you’d like… @alterediris. I’m trying to add at least 5 a day… and maybe you’d like to join me? If not on twitter, how about in a traditional notebook or on a chalkboard in your home or on a list app on your smartphone? There are so many possibilities… it doesn’t have to be perfect but it’s a great habit to get into… they say it’ll make you 25% happier… so why not, take time and count your blessings! Today’s a great day to start! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving! May you truly enjoy this day!


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