35 by 35 – #11 Complete!

Saturday, my best cousin Rachel and I spent most of the day antique shopping on College Ave! I can now say I’ve completed the first thing on my 35 by 35 list! Whoo hoo! It was a rainy day so it was perfect to spend it inside browsing, ooing & ahing over beautiful or unique items…

and then laughing & giggling over strange or random items… like this, for example…

 Then, there was the shop we walked into that made us stop and hesitate before walking in any further…  Yes, those are framed art hanging from the ceiling!!! Amazing… we didn’t spend long in this store for fear something would fall on our heads… that and the aisles were ridiculously small and there were so many things crammed in to every single nook and cranny of this place it was amazing. I walked holding tightly to my purse for fear of running into something.

Then, there was the cute sock monkey…

It was such a fun time and I didn’t even buy anything! 🙂 Cheap entertainment people, I’m telling you… can’t wait to go again! 🙂

Happy Tuesday!


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