This Week…

I’ve been…

*keeping up with my Project Life album

 This is a look at last week (Week 40). I love this project and maybe I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again (to keep reminding myself) that this project is SO much more fun when I complete it as life happens… keeping up with it… it takes less time too… really only 5-10 minutes a day… when I get behind it takes at least twice as much maybe even 3 times as much because I have to jog my brain into remembering and going backwards… anyway…

 Here’s a close up of an insert I put in this week… a 5×7 of some cute shots I took of Parker while he was eating breakfast one morning. I pulled out my phone to take a shot of his wild man hair he had that morning and he started hamming it up so I just kept clicking… the result was this awesome series of shots! I printed out a contact page from iPhoto with my 9 favorite poses and then used the bottom for my journaling. Loved the way it turned out, definitely filing this idea away for the future. 🙂

 On the back side I put in my 35 by 35 list.

 Here’s a look at the left side…

 and the right side…

I’ve also been:

*booing our neighbors

*reading this book and this one

*creating new art


{all still in process}

 *posting new prints in my shop

*sitting at the DMV for 4 1/2 hours waiting to get my Colorado drivers license!

*beginning my Christmas shopping

*preparing for Halloween… costumes, parties, decorations

*bundling up for colder weather

*dreaming and praying about what’s next

*tracking my 35 by 35 progress

*looking forward to antique shopping (tomorrow) with my sweet cousin… and looking forward to crossing the first thing off my list

What have you been doing this week? Anything you are looking forward to this weekend?


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