35 By 35

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So, today is my birthday… I’m 34. There was a time in my life that being 34 would have sounded old, but now it doesn’t sound so old… 😉

I have one year until I’m 35… or half way to 70. I’ve spent some time considering things I want to accomplish over this next year, some goals if you will… In the past I haven’t been all that successful when it comes to setting goals, but I want to be and with certain things… I need to be successful. Some of my failure is due to lack of self-discipline, some of it lack of motivation, some just a lack of organization. So, I’ve decided to try a new way of setting goals… a list, not just any list, but a 35 by 35 list. Some are quite ambitious & some will be easy to check off (which I hope will give me motivation to keep going), some of them have been on my mind to do for a long time, others a short time, but I think they all give a good balance to the many roles/responsibilities/priorities I have and I’m hoping that through striving to do the things on this list my life will be much fuller and more glorifying to the Lord… taking what He has already given me and showing my gratitude by cultivating the relationships in my life, growing the talents & abilities He’s given me, enjoying where He’s placed me geographically and then some… are just for fun!

So, I hope that you will enjoy going along on this journey with me in this year ahead as I plan to share how it’s going in a monthly update (at least). You can feel free to ask me how it’s going as I’d love some accountability and if you feel inspired to make a list of your own (or if you already have in the past) I’d love for you to share it with me!

So, here it is… my 35 By 35 list…

  1. Hike to Horsetooth Rock
  2. Write (& send) 35 handwritten notes or cards to friends/family (not including birthday cards)
  3. Go whitewater rafting
  4. Run a 5K
  5. Try 10 new local restaurants
  6. Read my camera manual
  7. Art journal more regularly (at least once a week)
  8. Go ice skating
  9. Camp in Rocky Mountain National Park
  10. Walk across the Royal Gorge Bridge
  11. Spend a day (without kids) antique shopping on College Ave.
  12. Read at least one book a month
  13. Have a date night with each person in my home at least once a month
  14. Try skiing or snowshoeing
  15. Finish writing our family mission statement & make something to display it in our home
  16. Buy a sled and take the kids sledding
  17. Memorize 35 Bible verses
  18. Find a cause to care about and support it
  19. Start & continue a 1000 gifts list
  20. Try 35 new recipes
  21. Go to a concert or live show/play
  22. Learn 5 new art techniques
  23. Catch up & stay up to date on my Project Life album
  24. Have someone over for dinner once a month
  25. Teach Parker to write his name
  26. Teach both my kids to tie their shoes
  27. Visit 3 Colorado towns I’ve never been to
  28. Try 5 different hairstyles (not cuts, just styles besides a ponytail)
  29. See a movie at a drive in theater
  30. Visit the new Fort Collins Museum of Discovery
  31. Ride the Fort Collins Trolley
  32. Make (at least) 35 new items for my shop
  33. Make at least 5 cards a month
  34. Make a photo book documenting our move to Colorado
  35. Talk to one family member or friend in MO/KS every week



5 thoughts on “35 By 35

  1. Soo….I’ll go ahead and say…

    1. I want to hike it again…this time with you?!
    4. Do the Color Run!!
    5. Definitely won’t be hard here in Ft. Collins!
    9. YES!
    11. Oh, I am IN! Just say when!

    Love you!


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