Camping Weekend Recap

Hey there! Hope you had a nice long weekend! I’m sorry I’ve been slow at getting this posted… my sweet hubby has been hogging, working ever so diligently on the computer job searching, emailing, connecting, linked-in-ing (wait, is that even a word?). Anyway, you get the picture. So, as it were I’ve had a tough time getting online to post anything and posting via my iPhone or iPad are not so much fun… I always end up throwing them across the room… just kidding… anyway… moving on…

 We spent a glorious 3 days and nights in the woods… and we roughed it… oh yeah… no showers, no toilets… just sayin’. Sorry if it’s TMI, but this was my first experience of “real” camping… we had some fun with it…

 putting together a little photo shoot of our bathroom in the woods…

 We laughed so hard and there are only about 20 more pix like these! One of the funniest things was that the headline of the newspaper said “We Deserve Better”… hilarious! I don’t know, maybe you had to be there… 🙂

Anyway, here are some other favorite pix from the trip…

We did a lot of hiking…

 A lot of hanging out around the campfire… it was quite chilly in the mornings and evenings so we were thankful the fire ban was not in effect so we could enjoy all the wonderful thrills of having a campfire… including S’mores, roasted apples, hot cocoa and just snuggling in close to stay warm.

 One morning, we were blessed to have such studly men making breakfast for us… they even cleaned up… I think they’re keepers. 😉

 I just love, love, love this pic of my two sweeties taking a break on a rock during one of our hikes. So, cute… love these two so much!

 Here’s a pic of all the cuties that were with us… my two and then my 4 nieces and nephews… aren’t they the sweetest?

 And, a big group pic of all 10 of us. Such great memories were made, we were so happy to have them in town and are already missing them!


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