A Memorable Weekend

Wow! What a fabulous weekend! So many wonderful memories from this weekend! It started with a great getaway with my hubby!

We headed to Lawrence, KS where we enjoyed wine and painted pottery at Sunfire Ceramics. Did you know that the traditional gift for 9th anniversary is pottery? My hubby was so thoughtful and sweet when he planned this date. I loved it! Together, we painted an “It’s Your Special Day” plate for the kids to eat off of whenever it’s their birthday or to celebrate any other little special thing that happens over the years. Really excited to start this tradition & what better way than with a plate we made ourselves!? 🙂

After that, we headed to Pachamama’s restaurant. It too was wonderful… the desserts were to die for… really outstanding, highly recommended. The only thing I would say though is that it was a little loud… so if you’re looking for a quiet romantic atmosphere you might look elsewhere, but the tables are nicely spread out and so even though it wasn’t as quiet as I would have liked we still felt like we had our own little romantic corner.

After that we headed to the Halcyon House Bed & Breakfast. Such a sweet cozy little place. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and it was so nice to be able to stay there after a late dinner instead of driving the 45 minute trip back home. We both decided we definitely need to do this more often!

Saturday we spent some time with our great friends we lovingly call “The Breakfast Club”. It’s a group of 4 couples that were our very first small group at our church. We first met when we were all newly married and we all now have kids and it’s been so great to “grow up” together and watch our kids grow together too. So thankful for friendships that stand the test of time & distance as one couple has moved an hour and a half away, another is at a different church now and of course we hope that once we’ve moved to Colorado we’ll still be able to stay in touch and get together once in a while.

On Sunday, my daughter lost her 2nd tooth!

It’s been a non-stop topic of conversation, how it happened, the letter she wrote to the tooth fairy, what the tooth fairy wrote back to her, questions about the tooth fairy, etc. etc. And… isn’t her new smile so cute?! 🙂

Then, last but not least this weekend… we got a contract on our house!!! Yippee! Super excited to have a date on the calendar now… excited to move forward into our next adventure! Certainly sad to leave our families and so many great friends, but looking forward to a new chapter and all the adventures that Colorado has to offer… not to mention the weather! And of course, the joy that will come from following our dream! Life’s too short to keep from chasing your dreams & like one person recently said to us that was so encouraging was that we live life to have as few regrets as possible. So, we’re about to check off one regret we won’t have! 🙂

What dream have you chased in your life? What regret will you not have because you chose to take a risk? Maybe you have a dream you’re thinking about chasing now… I’d love to hear about it! 🙂

Cheers to your week!


2 thoughts on “A Memorable Weekend

  1. Hey Girl! So glad to see your chasing your dreams. Your kids are soooo adorable.
    By the way, we also are moving out of this “Show House” and moving back to our roots. Well country anyway. Still North Carolina, just further out from Raleigh area. We can’t wait to fish on our own acre pond and explore on our 29 acre property. Schools will be very small and the town is nothing but a post office, bank, gas station, a market, small church, and elementary school. We can’t wait to have a fresh start again and let our kids grow up like we did. Plus starting new memories, hopefully grow old here, and watch our kids grow up here. So happy!!! Oh and I am planning to start my own business with Residential Staging and photography. I’m tired of the petty pay and no credit to all I what I do.

    Anyway, good to hear from you. Good luck with everything. God finally answered our prayers and seems to me he has done the same for you all. Best wishes and congrats on the 9th anniversary. It is 11 years for us and 17 years together. Crazy!!! Where did the time go?

    Take care and keep in touch. I will send u our new address soon. We close 25th of May on both houses.

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