A Circus With a Side of Doo Doo…

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*Ding, Ding* my text messaging alerts me again… split second later I hear my husband’s phone alert him… “Another one!?” I blurt out! I’m laughing out loud… 5 minutes later I’m balling. Emotionally… I might be nearly a wreck… but only just nearly. πŸ˜‰

Yes, it’s true… our home is officially on the market as of Tuesday… we had 2 showings today and another 3 scheduled for tomorrow… one of which is a second showing! Unbelievable… although, it probably isn’t in reality… I just wasn’t all that sure what to expect.

So… I hope you understand my silence this week as I’ve literally been sprucing our house every waking moment since Monday… this selling a home is hard work… but I’m certain it will pay off. And, in my “spare time” I have been researching homes, schools, neighborhoods, parks, etc. etc. All while carrying on with the normal day to day activities like fixing meals, taking the kindergartner to school, kissing boo boos, reading books to kids, etc. etc. Motherhood on a normal day is a balancing act… always juggling at least 3 balls at a time, but then when you have some other major something, anything, whatever, (fill-in-the-blank) going on it becomes more like a three ring circus act… complete with wild animals, tight rope walking, acrobats and clowns! And the icing on this cakewalk? My daughter decides to tell my son tonight that if he needs to go potty he can just go on the tree… well apparently #1 wasn’t all he needed to do… as my husband sees him yes you guessed it… doo dooing on the tree… oh yeah… and these people think they want to buy my house! LOL! Funniest part was this was while he and I were inside trying to frantically ready the house because someone was on their way to look at it… thankfully the showing was rescheduled to tomorrow morning otherwise we might have right then and there just driven ourselves to the looney bin! Kid. you. not.

ok… I am kidding… but seriously it’s been a raucous week in the Johnson family… and suffice it to say, I believe it is only the beginning!!! Laughing about it though really does take some of the stress away… because truly… in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t really all that big of a deal… and this too shall pass… and although I have the tendency to get entirely too uptight… especially “in the moment”… this really is a fun adventure and I am doing my best to enjoy each and every moment… even if there is doo doo in my yard! πŸ™‚

So, how’s your week? Anything unexpected happened to you recently?

*Also, please do not expect an artsy friday tomorrow… I’m afraid my creativity tank needs some refilling and I must empty my home of all these strangers as well!* πŸ˜‰


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