Artsy-Fartsy… Monday

Guess what?! I found my camera cord!!! Yippee! So, albeit late… here is an Artsy-Fartsy Friday Monday for you! 🙂

Here’s where I last left you…

 This cute little tree was beginning to come together…

 I recently ordered these Faber-Castell big brush pens and was anxious to start working with them…

 So I colored around the tree “leaves” and smeared blended it with my brush fingers and also added that sweet little heart on the trunk.

 Next, I took the Flower Garden stencil by Crafter’s Workshop and stenciled out the leaves onto my tree.

 …and continued until the tree was nice and full of beautiful green!

 Next, I decided I needed a little grass under my tree and cut out some strips of paper with jagged edges.

 Then, I added in some color to the grass and some detailing onto the tree trunk.

Next up, I plan to add some flowers in the grass and a little scripture verse and voila… it’ll be finished! So… stay tuned! 🙂


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