Tuesdays Are For “Treasuring”

So, for those of you who didn’t know, last Thursday was International Women’s Day (don’t worry… I didn’t know either)!

Despite the fact that I didn’t know this, I was SO honored to be included in this “Just a Woman” treasury! There are so many memorable, phenomenal women from history and this gorgeous treasury pays tribute to many of them! I hope you enjoy each of these items as much as I did! My favorite? The Harriet Tubman vinyl wall quote & I was always intrigued by the Amelia Earhart story!

Which one is your favorite? Which one of these woman from history do you particularly admire? Are there any historical women you admire that were not included in this list?

‘Just a Woman.’ by HeartFeltbyAndrea

Do It Anyway – Digital Print…


Amelia Earhart


Eleanor Roosevelt quote – D…


BHG Anne Frank Women’s T…


Art Doll Miniature Dorothea …


Inspirational Art QUOTE – Pr…


Florence Nightingale


Lucille Ball Quote Magnet (n…


The Second Common Reader – b…




Heroes – giclee, Limited Ed…


original mixed media art pri…


Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Art…


Women Who Made a Difference …


The Nellie Bly Pendant


Clara Barton Red Cross Dre…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.


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