Five Things Friday – Follow Up #2 & A Rename

So, last week I left you with this image… the week before it was this… and now it’s

 THIS! Still a work in progress… but this is where it’s at today. I’ll show you how I got there…

 First I added some extra blue paint, thinking they might end up being clouds, I also added some of the distressed quilt border stamp with the aquamarine ink around the outside edges of the canvas. Then I decided to start creating my tree…

 I cut strips of the paper to create a textured look for the trunk. Once adhered down it ended up being a little wider than I had pictured, but I’m thinking when I go back in to add the hand drawn doodles and such I’ll make it appear a bit smaller by going in towards the center more.

 Then, I started tearing bits of the paper for the “leaves” and just stuck them down haphazardly very methodically to form the top of the tree. Once I was finished with that I had this:

 Next I’ll go back and add some doodles on the tree to outline and detail it, also I’m planning to add a little heart in the tree trunk as a “knot” and a quote or scripture verse… so I’ll work on that and share the finished product with you next Friday… which leads me to  the rename portion of my post title…

I’ve really enjoyed this process of sharing the details of creating a piece so much that I’ve decided to do it weekly! Yay! So, instead of a Five Things Friday… I’ve come up with a new title… Artsy Fartsy Friday! Ok… now tell me honestly that this is not offensive… or unprofessional… but, perhaps it’s fun… frisky… playful… ??? Or, maybe it’s just plain


I wanna know what you think! Do you have any other suggestions that people wouldn’t turn up their noses at? Or do you think it’s cute and will catch people’s attention and make them flock to find out what all the stink is about? (*tee-hee*)

Maybe I’ve taken my last post about making time for silliness a bit too far?  So, if you think this is ridiculous.. please, please… stop me before it’s too late! 😉


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