My Temporary Creation Station

Here it is in all it’s glory… my new “creation station”! I mentioned last week that I was taking my studio apart and packing some stuff up and reorganizing the house to get it ready to sell. Well, this is where I’ve transferred to… a card table in the basement next to the play room and television! On the other side of that wall is our storage area where all my supplies are residing. It’s interesting that about 7 or 8 years ago this same little card table is where “it all began”. I had done some scrap booking and crafting in college, but upon graduating didn’t really do much until after I got married and I starting making cards to give to friends and family on special occasions. Using some old supplies I had kept I put up this little card table in one of the spare bedrooms (spare at that time, now a child lives there). 🙂

Anyway, once we had Noelle I saw the need for memory keeping again (not that you have to have kids to scrap book, but it’s just what brought me back to it and was a natural transition from card making). Around the same time we were finishing our basement and so we kind of set up a more permanent spot for me to create. It was just a simple desk and chair and my supplies were stored in the same storage space it is now.

Then we found this desk that was originally being used for a side business my husband had but we realized our computer desk was better suited for that and this one was better for my scrap booking supplies.

Here’s me about 8 months pregnant with Parker showing off my new space. I remember having fun getting all those coordinating baskets at Target and organizing that space, it was so exciting and I still use and love those baskets! Over time we moved it back to where the playroom is now. Last year when I discovered Project Life I felt that my memory keeping needs had really been simplified which freed up a lot more time for other creative endeavors which is when I discovered mixed media art and started diving into learning as much as I could and started my blog & Etsy shop after falling head over heals in love with it!

After starting my shop and thinking about how nice it would be to have a door to shut and be able to keep little ones fingers out of things we moved the kids to one room and eventually took over the other one for my “office”. Once we decided to put our house on the market we quickly realized the rooms would have to be rearranged yet again and thought the best option would be to start packing some of it up to “declutter” our home to show better.

Anyway… my point of all of this is that it really doesn’t matter where you create, just that you create. You can pretty much store your supplies anywhere and set up a little table close by or you can have an entire room dedicated to only that. Creating can happen anywhere and I promise the fun is not impacted one bit. I’m having just as much fun at my little card table as I did in my “mom only” room. It’s great. My kids have actually not even touched the stuff I’ve left out and it makes me smile when I walk past it just the same as it always has.


2 thoughts on “My Temporary Creation Station

  1. “Anyway… my point of all of this is that it really doesn’t matter where you create, just that you create.”

    I’ve spent a good part of the last couple of weeks decluttering and reorganizing the house which means that all the things on the “go list” ended up in my school/craft room. I dedicated yesterday to cleaning and reorganizing that room and felt my heart sing when I unearthed a vision board project I’d been working on. I get to play with it tomorrow and I can’t wait.I needed this reminder. Thank you!

    • Cool Mary! That explains why you’ve been quiet… I’d been wondering if I’d ran you away! 😉 Anyway, thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ll share some of your project on your blog so I can see it! 🙂

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