Five Things Friday

 Well, we actually got some measurable snow this week! Sunday night brought about 2 inches! The kids were thrilled! This was the first time all Winter they’ve gotten to play in the snow because we simply haven’t had any! Yesterday, we were back at the park without jackets! Yeah… crazy! But, I’m lovin’ it!

So, for this week’s 5 things Friday, I’ll be sharing some more personal photos! My blog brain has been rolling again, and I’ve been trying to come up with more interesting things to post about and keep up with regular posting despite the exciting, yet wild ride we are on right now… 🙂 The house got painted this week, it was knocked out in a day and a half by professionals… which is why they are called professionals. We’re so thankful we didn’t have to tackle that chore on our own… instead of a day and a half, it probably would have taken us at least a week and a half and maybe even a month and a half! 😉 We’ve been moving around a lot of furniture… getting the kids back in their own rooms which means my crafting studio has basically been torn apart… the desk and many boxes are stored in the garage with my art and necessary supplies, packing boxes, etc stored in our basement. Thankfully we’ve made it so I’ll still be able to work while all this is going on, just with fewer supplies but, that’s ok… sometimes having fewer supplies actually increases creativity for me, so it’s not a bad thing! Besides, when we do get settled in a new home it’ll be like Christmas opening up all those boxes! 🙂

 1. Valentines Party

Tuesday Noelle had her Valentine’s Party at school. We put together some cute Valentine’s  despite the fact that we didn’t get them completely put together until Tuesday morning! 🙂

  2. Valentine Tradition – Chinese Take Out

Tuesday night we carried on our tradition of Chinese Take Out. The kids were unfortunately less than thrilled about this, so I’m not sure but we may have to take a few years off from this tradition until they aquire a bigger enjoyment of Chinese food.

 3. Dance Party

The kids put on a dance party for us this week. Noelle sporting her new dance leotard and tulle skirt and she made Parker get “dressed up” in his tie. Somehow he always manages to put his tie with his KU jersey! Haha! 🙂 Then of course they had to do a “vogue pose” for the camera!

 4. This week we discovered the kids’ feet are almost the exact same size. I couldn’t resist taking of photo of those cute little toes! No doubt they won’t be this cute forever! 😉

 5. Yesterday, PJ & I spent the afternoon at the mall. He had some birthday money that we’d thought he’d want to spend at the Disney Store, but would you believe that we walked away empty handed… my kid who wants every toy he sees left the Disney store with nothing! 🙂 We did enjoy a ride on the carousel, munched on some pretzels and Mommy even got to do a bit of shopping! It was fun to spend some quality time out and about just the two of us.

Well, it seems the paint fumes have gotten the better of me and I’ve not been feeling up to par the last couple of days, so I’m off to catch a quick cat nap before it’s time to pick up my sweetie from school! I’ve got big plans for this weekend… family pizza & movie night tonight, a date night with my better half tomorrow night & planning on working on some art too! Can’t wait, but must get rest & drink plenty of fluids first! 😉


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