Turning Four

This little guy turned four yesterday! Hard to believe… time is just flying by. It seems like just yesterday I was holding his little cute newborn body in my arms and here he is now practically half grown! 🙂 Ok, not really quite half grown yet, but four just sounds so much older than three doesn’t it? I know I’ll talk about how fast time is going every single birthday … but it’s just as the saying goes… the days are long but the years are short.

Anyway… he had a great day, despite a little cold he seemed to be fighting he was full of energy for his party at Monkey Bizness!

Going down the obstacle course slide with Uncle Tyler… Climbing through another one with Daddy…

 Sis getting ready for her climb up the climbing wall… she made it all the way to the top!

 Opening gifts of course is always fun…

 Happy Birthday Dear Parker… Happy Birthday to you!

A few things about this special four year old…

He is all boy… 100%

He’s a worker… loves digging in the dirt, working with tools & wood, going to the shop with Dad, building things, science experiments, all things with wheels (especially mighty machines), loves watching the trash man on Wednesdays.

Loves going for rides in Daddy’s truck

Favorite Show is probably Mighty Machines, but also likes to watch The Fresh Beat Band with his sister.

He enjoys watching sports with his Daddy too, and is starting to get into playing them too. He got a football & baseball, glove, bat & tee for his birthday too, so I’m sure there’ll be a lot more ball in his future.

He’s laid back most of the time, but when he does get mad… he’s mad… a hot headed temper… although he usually gets over it almost as quickly as it started.

One more thing about him… he’s about as tender and sweet as can be. A real snuggle bug and (hopefully I don’t get in trouble for this one day) but, he’s a mama’s boy too. 😉 For now anyway…

Feeling so blessed to have this little guy for a son and looking forward spending the rest of my lifetime getting to know him more!


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