Whoopsy Daisy… Why I’ve Been Missing…

I’ve been a little distracted over the last week as my dear hubby has been home tiling the bathrooms and we’ve been making some major decisions and sharing news with our family and friends that we are getting our house ready to put on the market and move to Colorado! It’s funny that a week ago I posted my “Colorado Dreamin'” treasury and at that point it was just that… a dream… a dream that is now becoming a reality! We are so, so excited!

Other things that have been going on here over the last week…

 Noelle and I had a fun time at Kaleidoscope on her Kindergarten class field trip. I loved that she let me (and even asked me) to put my arm around her and snuggle on the bus ride there & back! I know that it won’t be long before she won’t let me and at some point she likely won’t even want me to sit next to her, so I relished in the fact that I’m still cool! 😉

 Last week the weather was so nice… mid 60’s for 3 days in a row! One night we got adventurous and even ate outside!!! It felt just like we were camping in Colorado late Summer (minus the mountain views)! 😉 And of course… wearing our jammies to dinner was an added plus.

 We had fun blowing bubbles in our chocolate milk…

  We picked out a good neutral paint color to get our house ready to go on the market…

 We played at the park…

 We cleaned the car and put gas in it!

 And, I even managed to put some new items in my shop!

Whew… it’s been an exciting & full week… and more excitement is to come… I’m going to do my absolute best to keep up with my blog over the next couple of months as we transition, but if I come up missing for a bit, I hope you’ll understand why!


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