Five Things Friday!

Woot, woot… it’s Friday & woot, woot… this is my 50th post! 🙂

I have been going crazy this week posting all kinds of new stuff in my shop, including this one and now carry lots of prints of my pieces with smaller price points that can be framed and hung! Super excited about all the ideas swimming around in my head and happy that some of them are taking shape and happening… I’m having so much fun!

This weekend I am going to be spending the weekend at my church’s Scrapbook & Craft Extravaganza! Super excited! My mom is going with me and we are going to have a great time! I have several projects to work on… 1 is to finish up my 2011 Project Life, 2 is to work on (and maybe complete) my December Daily album, right now it is just pretty paper covered with post-it notes! And 3rd (if I get that far) is to work on my cruise album! The cruise album may work it’s way up to the number 2 spot if I don’t get enough time to print out December photos (cruise ones have already been printed)… it’s crunch time and I ran out of 4×6 photo paper last night and some of my ink is running low… so we’ll see! No matter what though, it’s going to be a fun weekend!

Ok, so for this week’s five things, I wanted to highlight some other Etsy shops. I have spent a lot more time on Etsy and done a lot more purchasing on their since opening my shop. Although I valued homemade before and browsed Etsy some, I think I now have a greater appreciation for all of those other shop owners like me out there, I know how excited I get when I get a sale and it’s exciting to me to help someone else out to (imagining they get as excited as I do). Plus it’s just a lot more convenient to hop on their and order a gift or search for something I want/need and support individuals instead of the big monster companies. So far in my purchases I’ve received phenomenal & personalized customer service and it’s rare to have that at the big box stores. Anyway… here’s a few stores I’ve either “favorited” or purchased from recently.

1. A Time for Everything

 Melissa carries the coolest cash envelope system wallets and even though her shop is low right now as she just had a giveaway on a big blog that cleared her out and gave her a lot of custom orders, you can check out her “sold” section to see what she carries… some really neat stuff. If you are a fan of Dave Ramsey’s cash envelopes, these wallets are perfect & she even has really cute ones for kids. My cash stash wallet should arrive today and the kids wallets are definitely on my wish list!

2. Bubblewrapp’d

 I actually just came across this shop this morning & her wood blocks are so cute and would look so sweet sitting on a shelf or mantle. Not to mention they are reasonably priced so you could have one for every holiday/occasion!

3. 645 Shop

 This shop is so stinkin’ cute I just love it! I featured her clay ball vase fillers in my treasury last week (which is how I found her shop), but I love love love this pillow cover, so please find something else in her lovely shop to buy. 😉 It’s a new shop that just opened in December but, it’s clear that she will be very successful due to all the great, classy items she already carries.

4. Eternal Eden

Elizabeth carries some amazingly beautiful jewelry & accessories in her shop Eternal Eden.  Her shop is geared toward wedding items, but she has some very lovely everyday pieces too, like this one (pictured above)  and this love tag necklace. I fell in love with her shop when I found this piece, but unfortunately someone else snagged it before I could. 😉

5. The Wheatfield

I love love love this print, and Katie has so many other wonderful illustrations and cards. She has such a distinct whimsical style and I don’t know who couldn’t help but fall in love with her designs. So lovely!

So there you have it… a few of my current favorite things/shops around Etsy! Hope you have a wonderful, wonderful weekend filled with enjoying things you love and spending time with people you love! See you next week!


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