Drawing Lab Date Night #2

So, last week, Rodney & I had our second drawing date! This assignment was a bit more challenging than the first! The instructions were to find some references of giraffes and to fix our eyes on the outline of the giraffe, start drawing but NOT look at your paper! That’s right, we had to look at the giraffe 100% of the time! It was quite a challenge and the results show for it, but it was fun to try!

Here’s Rodney’s giraffes:

 and here are mine (I used a page for each one):

  {I think he’s actually a little bit cute}

So, there’s drawing date 2… and after we were complete with our assignment, my hubby did this cool drawing of his iPhone:

Isn’t that cool!?!

So, I’m curious have you ever tried to draw (or write) without looking at what you were doing?


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