Drawing Lab Date Night #1

Is it funny that I’m calling drawing together with my husband a date night? Ok, good… I didn’t think so either. 😉

So, if you remember in this post I mentioned this book that I got for Christmas & that Rodney & I were going to try and do the exercises together? Well, we had our first drawing date last Thursday and I thought I’d share the results with you!

Here was the basic directions of Lab 1: Draw Cats in Bed.

Gather your materials & get into bed (either sitting or laying), think about what cats look like & then spend 10 minutes or so drawing as many cats in as many different positions as you can think of.

And here are our results:


 and my hubby’s…

 Not too bad huh? We had fun looking at each others and picking out our favorites (on mine we liked the one that looks like he’s looking to the side down towards the bottom & on his we liked the one in the lower left corner, the short squatty one) and then of course we had fun laughing at some of them too… like my very first one on the top left with the great big smile & devilish pointed ears! It was a lot of fun & we can’t wait to see what this week’s lab brings! 🙂



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