What’s Good For Your Soul?

What do you think of when you ask yourself what’s good for your soul? What makes you feel refreshed and reenergized?

For me I can think of many things… a cup of coffee with a good friend, a good laugh, snuggle time with my hubby & kids, a nap, some creative time…

Definitely all good things… for sure.

But, what about… getting outside, enjoying some fresh air?

I’m a homebody… I enjoy being inside. I like working in my home, straightening, laundry (yes, I do actually enjoy doing laundry), hanging out in my kitchen baking something and the list goes on. I just like being cozy inside. Especially this time of year… it is Winter after all, even though here in Kansas it hasn’t felt like it yet. We’ve yet to get more than a dusting of snow and the temps have been pretty consistently in the 50’s, some days warmer and some a bit cooler, but all in all it’s been an unusually warm Winter here. In fact I referred to my Project Life Album from 2011 and on this day last year (January 10, 2011) we had 4+ inches of snow on the ground!

So, unfortunately I think my brain says “it’s Winter, it’s too cold to go outside”. But, this morning, the kids asked to go outside and I said “yes, let’s do it”! I checked the weather it said it was 39 degrees, so I told the kids we had to bundle up a little… coats, hats, mittens, etc. But, you know what, we got out there and it actually felt warmer than that, we ended up shedding the hats and mittens and then going for a walk! It was fabulous! I love that we can go for a walk without a stroller, I love that my kids will walk the whole way, that they wait at the corner so we can cross the street together and I love that we can step away from the inside… it really is freeing and refreshing to step away from the distractions of the indoors and get engaged with nature and this time of year it’s easy (at least for me) to forget that.

{via: Pinterest}

So… take some time today or the next day it’s sunny and a little warmer and get some fresh air… I promise, it’ll be good for your soul!

Is it hard for you to get outside this time of year? Do you enjoy the cold? How’s the Winter been where you are? 


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