Welcome 2012!

Just wanted to take a minute to wish you all a Happy New Year! We had a calm, quiet, relaxing one. Noelle got a new game called Zingo for Christmas so we busted it out and played about 5 rounds! Both kids loved it, Parker won the first two rounds, so his confidence was boosted quite a bit… being the little brother, he often has the disadvantage, but he rocked the Zingo!

I’m definitely (beyond) ready to get back into the swing of life… we’ve become quite the lazy birds over here, it’s been fabulous having 2 weeks off, all four of us home and spending quality time together, but I think we are all anxious for the routines to get going again. Hubby goes back to work tomorrow, Noelle back to school on Thursday! I’m hoping to start getting some work done and getting this house back in order this week! 🙂

So, last year we took this fun new year pic…

 I put this photo on the title page of my Project Life album and plan to do another one this year, would have done it today, but the little guy is fighting a virus and has a little break out on his face, so we decided to wait until he’s all cleared up. Anyway, if you’ve seen any printables like this one with 2012 on it, let me know as I haven’t been able to find one and I can’t remember where I got this one last year. If I don’t find one I’m just going to use a little chalkboard we have to write 2012 on and let the kids hold it. I also had the idea of pulling up a 2012 photo (I’ve seen them all over online) onto our iPad and let the kids hold that, we’ll see… but I’ll be sure to share the final one once it’s taken.

I also, thought I’d share a printable that I filled out with the kids yesterday… a little year end quiz. These would be fun to do with your kids or even for yourself to document the here and now, favorites and such from 2011. Even though 2011 is over, I think it’s still ok to document something like this from 2011… after all, it was just a couple of days ago! 😉

{Click on the picture and it will give directions for downloading}

A few other fun quizzes you could do…

  There are also some cool free printable 2012 calendars out there…

  This one is very cool… 40+ different images to choose your own owls for each month!

This is really neat too, a fun easy way to do some quick-jotting-down-notes for documenting for 2012!

Fun stuff!!! I’m definitely going to print some of these out too! 😉 Hope you all had a happy new year and that it’s off to a great start!!!

I’ll be back Wednesday to share with you a little new year treat I got for myself! 😉

See you then!


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