Five Things Friday – Random Edition

Is anyone else feeling a bit scatterbrained right about now? Uh, yeah, me too! So in an effort to embrace the scattered-ness I’ll be doing a random five things Friday today!

 1. Last night we started a new Christmas tradition… the “Target Treasure Hunt”. We paired up guys vs gals and went shopping for gifts for each other. We heard about this idea on the radio and thought it’d be a fun way to get gifts for each other. We gave ourselves an hour from the time we walked in the doors until walking out. Picking out gifts for each other (guys bought for the girls & girls bought for the guys) without catching each other or seeing what the others had in their baskets. It was fun and we did in fact almost get run over by a shopping cart by darting out of the aisle after checking both ways for the boys, but in the end the girls, (despite the mishap) were finished shopping first! It was a lot of fun and we’re all looking forward to giving each other our gifts from our treasure hunt night on Christmas morning!

 2. These two… totally melting my heart lately… although their behavior has been a bit wild & wacky (tis the season)… I still manage to catch them in moments like this often. They built themselves this “fort” with the couch cushions and then read books together… seriously, how could I be more blessed?! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G… these two… love ’em to pieces.

3. Looking forward to some seasonal fun this weekend… wrapping gifts, watching Christmas movies, seeing Christmas shows, spending time with family… can’t wait. I just love this time of year!

 4. There is in fact… new art in the shop! Yay! And a sale! Yay! Hop on over and if you happen to add anything to your cart, then enter coupon code JINGLE2011 at check out and you’ll get 15% off all items! That makes everything in my shop… under 20 BUCKS! Yay! The perfect gift for those people you can’t decide what to get for! I ship everything USPS Priority… so if you order by Monday the 19th you’ll get it by Christmas! Yay! Now, go check it out!

5. Last, but not least… I’m so excited that right about now that you are reading this, I’ll be relaxing away getting a hot stone massage… OH YEAH! What a perfect time of the year to take some (much needed) time to relax!!! 🙂

So, have you started any new traditions this year? Were they a hit or a bust? What’s on your agenda for the weekend? How are you taking time to relax this season?


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