Our Trip Down Jingle Bell Drive

Over the weekend, we took some time to drive around and look at Christmas lights.  Isn’t it always such a fun tradition? This year, we decided to check out Jingle Bell Drive which is basically a mall parking lot converted into a drive through light display.  

The display twists and turns and there are fun creations all around you in about a half mile drive. I was happy to get some fun photos of the display.   The kids absolutely loved it and the best part of all was hearing Parker in the back seat say “huh, that was fun, wet’s go again.” “huh, that was fun.” “That was fun.” over and over in his 3 year old, sleepy backseat voice.  That cuteness was worth the 6 bucks all by itself, the lights… a sweet bonus! 🙂

 How was your weekend? Did you do anything festive? Is driving around looking at lights part of your Christmas season tradition?


One thought on “Our Trip Down Jingle Bell Drive

  1. As a family, we traditionally go “Santa scouting” every Christmas Eve and cruise the neighborhood checking out the lights. It doesn’t matter my kids are both beyond the “Santa years”, tradition is tradition in their worlds. And, maybe mine, too.

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