How We Got 2 Fish from 1 Frog

Happy Thursday! (BTW: When did that happen!?) I’ve been busy this week working on some custom orders and keeping these two from overfeeding our new pets. Yup, that’s right, we are now official pet owners… in fact we’ve had two different species of pets in one week! It all started with this cute little frog…

 Affectionately named, Jumpy. The kids found him in Gramma & Papa’s basement last weekend and brought him home. Yay… a frog. Ok, yes, he’s cute, but how in the world do you care for a frog. We told the kids that he was a wild animal and we would have to let him go… “NO!” they said, but that maybe we could get a fish instead… “Yay!” they replied. Whew… ok, now what exactly are we getting ourselves into?

Hubby and I debated about this debacle for a couple of days. What’s going to be easier (and cheaper) keep the frog or buy a fish? In the end after researching and talking we decided the fish would be a much easier and probably cheaper route.

So, Monday evening, we piled into the car and headed to Petsmart for a fish. After about an hour of our hemming and hawing over which kind of fish, which tank, what do the kids want, where are we gonna put this thing, and on and on and on… and on. We finally decided on a small (divided) tank, 2 beta fish (one for each kid) and a plant for each.

 Whew! We did it, it was almost comical, well it actually was comical, us and quick decision-making do not always go hand in hand. (Apologies for the less-than-stellar photo, note to self: always take more than one shot, especially when shooting with the iPhone, at night inside). 😉

So, here are our first official family pets:

 2 Beta Fish named Nancy & Max (pictured left to right)! And there you have it… 🙂 And the frog was happily released back into his natural home, unharmed. 😉


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