Hello December!

It’s here! It’s here! I can hardly believe it’s actually December! Didn’t we just turn the calendar to 2011 yesterday? It sure feels like it! Whew! I don’t know about you, but it’s been a great year for me and I’m hoping that December brings an exclamation point to the end of it! 🙂

I’m excited for a project I’ve done the last 2 out of 3 years… December Daily! This is such a fun project that I was introduced to by my memory-keeping hero Ali Edwards! It’s a day by day documentation of December and it’s always such a fun thing to go back and look at the mini albums each year.

 In years past, I’ve created my album from scratch, but this year I chose to purchase a pre-made Christmas Art Journal kit from Evalicious, use Ali’s December Daily Overlay Pages and am pretty sure I’m also going to get this list e-book from Ella Publishing to simplify the process this year. And I’ll be spending the next couple of days pulling the rest of the foundation pages together…

For today’s entry I’ll include photos of our annual Christmas Tree hunt. I was tickled that we took the time to get a family picture in front of “the tree” before chopping it down, in years past I’ve not made it into any of the photos!

and then, I’ll likely include some of the other photos I took along with decorating the tree in a collage of some sort, a great kick off for the album! I’ll be sharing some of my photos and memories along with some of the (hopefully) completed pages throughout the month as well. Maybe you want to think about joining me?

One of the things that’s great about this project is that it’s so flexible to fit into what you want it to be… if you’re not a scrapbooker, you could just pick up a lined notebook and write notes about what you do each day and then if you wanted, you could stick a photo or two in, or purchase a photo album and cut up some cardstock into 4×6 sheets and stick in some photos and a bit of journaling, it doesn’t have to be everyday, but maybe just those things you enjoy during this time of year specifically. You could also go crazy putting in all kinds of things and get artsy with it! 😉 I plan to go somewhere in between, my goal is to “Just Do It”, complete it and then enjoy it for many years to come… however it comes together is great… not over think it, but have fun… it adds a bit of dimension to the season but is not intended to overwhelm or stress, but a way to enjoy the season even more. Ali has some great ideas on her blog and you’ll also find links to others who are doing this project as well that you should check out.

I’ve found that when I take time to do this, the little things become that much more treasured and memorable than if I wasn’t taking time to document at all. Plus, my kids will love looking back at these albums now, and when they are older. So, I’d encourage you to take a few minutes each day and at the very least jot something down that made that day memorable and I promise you’ll be glad you took the time!

So, did I convince you to give it a try?


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