Thankful Thirty

{ Word of warning: This post is lengthy & without many pictures, but if you decide to read it all, I hope you enjoy it! It was fun to write & definitely a good exercise for me! πŸ™‚ }

For the past several years I’ve wanted to do a thankful thought journal or mini album or something to document what I’m thankful for each day in November, and every year November sneaks up on me and my lack of planning or intentionality keeps me from making it happen… Well, maybe next year. But it would be a shame not to take some time to consider my blessings and give thanks for all that I have to be grateful for! So, I’ve decided that in the spirit of recording one thing every day, I’ve made a list of 30 things I’m thankful for today, representing the 30 days in November! πŸ™‚

1. My wonderful husband, Rodney who makes me laugh, who is an amazing Dad, an encourager and good listener. I’m thankful that we are still as much in love now as we were 8 1/2 years ago when we said “I do” and thankful that we aren’t just husband and wife, but best friends too. He’s pretty cute too! πŸ˜‰

2. My sweet daughter, Noelle who brightens my life beyond belief. She is such a fun little girl, always has something to say and is always planning the next thing. She is smart and funny with the cutest giggle. I love that she enjoys books and coloring and writing and puzzles, I love that she is always moving, I love that she isn’t afraid to tell you what she thinks, I love how cheerfully helpful she is and the way she often thinks of others before herself, so willing to share and so generous.

3. My sweet little guy, Parker. I love his snuggles and the way he doesn’t hesitate to give me a hug or say “I love you”. I love his playful spirit and the way that he takes life a lot less seriously than the rest of us. I love how independent he is and the way he plays with his cars and trucks. I love how much he enjoys the Mighty Machines show and cooking. I love how he takes care of his sissy and makes sure he gets a hug from her before she gets out of the car to go into school each day.

4. I’m thankful for our home, the place we spend time together and make memories. I love that it’s a place of peace and retreat. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to make it ours and care for it each day.

5. My friend, Laura. We’ve only known each other a short time but we’ve become fast friends. It seems as though we’ve been friends for years. She’s the type of friend who makes me want to be a better me. The type of friend I can call at any moment and say, “Hey you wanna take the kids to the park?” and go. A friend I can trust to share anything and everything with and be completely 100% me with… Love her!

6. Jesus. Without Him, I’d be lost. I cannot imagine my life without him and His saving grace.

7. The Bible. My guidebook for life. It’s not always easy to live by God’s word, but I’m thankful He makes it so simple… love Him and love others. Any question I need answered can be found in this Book.

8. Good food, although I’m really just thankful for food. But looking forward to this weekends festivities, I’m excited about my favorites… pumpkin pie, green bean casserole, praline sweet potatoes, etc… yummy, yummy, yummy goodness!

9. My Parents. So thankful for each of them. My own parents and my in laws. My own for all the stuff they put up with when I was growing up. I was an angel child, of course; but I know that even though I was nearly perfect I did still give them some grief from time to time. πŸ˜‰ And my in-laws for accepting me into their family with wide open arms and for being such great grandparents to our kids.

9 1/2. I’m also thankful for all of my family… grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, brothers, sisters-in-laws, etc. They make life so much more full & fun!

10. My North Face fleece. Ok, so this is kind of a silly one to come after my family but, really is there anything too small to be thankful for? I seriously love my fleece jacket. It’s one of the best inventions ever…

11. Candles. Although I don’t burn as many as I used to… like in my college days when my roommate Jenny & I both worked at Pier 1 and we had 40-some candles in our little 2 bedroom apartment! But, I do love them, especially this time of year and especially the scented ones (of course!) And, this one is on my Christmas wish list.

12. K-Love. My go to favorite radio station. Always inspiring, encouraging and challenging me.

13. My iPhone. Although sometimes it’s my arch enemy that happens to zap precious time away from me, I really do love my iphone… it brings so many great tools to my life and is there at a moments notice if I need to search for a store coupon while I’m waiting in line, or lost while on my way to somewhere, or need to put something in my calendar or just remembered I forgot to email something or I have some down time while waiting to pick up my daughter at school and can catch up on my Words with Friends games or… the list goes on and on.

14. My camera. No idea what I would do with myself without a camera to capture memories, take photos for my blog or Etsy shop. Besides, sometimes it’s just fun to play with! πŸ™‚

15. Our kitchen. Definitely the heart of our home. Everything at some time or another has passed through this room… it’s the landing zone, the place we hang out and the place where many memories have been made. The place we’ve entertained guests, the place I’ve made batch upon batch of cookies with the kids and of course the place we eat! πŸ™‚

16. Friends. All of my friends. What good is life if you don’t have friends to share it with. Old friends and new friends. Even those I’ve lost touch with, they still have had an impact on my life… always thankful for good friends.

17. Our cozy couch, curling up with the kids to read books almost daily. It’s so comfy, the perfect nap couch and although I’m totally over the stripes it bears, I still love it!

18. Creativity. making things with my hands, seeing a project come together. Not always knowing when I start where I’m going to end up.

19. My cozy bed that is so difficult to get out of in the mornings

20. A hot cup of coffee & my favorite flower mug to start my day

21. Flip flops, my favorite type of shoe, wish i could wear them all year long

22. Our neighbors. Not everyone can say they have great neighbors, but I can, seriously, they’re the best. Many of us built our homes here 8 years ago and are still here. Now, with kids who get to play together and are all becoming friends… so fun!

23. My car, 2001 Honda Accord… in it’s 10 year old state it’s going strong, reliable, paid off and broken in… A true piece of solid machinery and something I couldn’t do without.

24. Clinique skin care. My tried and true.

25. Laundry. A week or so ago, Noelle and I were talking about the laundry and how I do it every day and she said “wow mom, you must get tired of washing clothes all the time.” and I said well, I try and think of it as a blessing, it means I have people to take care of and it’s a privilege to do this to show my love. Now… that’s a bit easier to say about laundry since its probably my least dreaded household chore, I really don’t mind it. Now, if we were talking about cleaning the bathrooms, it’d be a whole ‘nother story! πŸ˜‰

26. Baskets. I love love love baskets… preferable rectangular ones. They are perfect for anything and everything… they can make any mess look at least a little bit nicer! πŸ™‚

27. Chocolate & peanut butter… My favorite dessert combination whether it be reese’s peanut butter cups, peanut butter m&m’s or brownies with peanut butter in them or even chocolate covered peanuts… yum, yum, yum!

28. Project Life. This is my first year of doing this project, and admittedly I’m about a month and a half behind (my photos are ordered and on their way so I plan to be caught up soon). This is hands down my favorite project and I love to tell people about it because it is perfect for anyone and everyone. Scrapbooker or not, it’s just awesome and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to document our lives in this simple, easy way!

29. Coca-Cola. What can I say, I try to limit my intake, but there are certain meals like pizza or cheeseburgers that just call for a coke and let’s face it, some days I need one just to get me through the day.

30. Facebook, as much as I often try to avoid it, I do love it. I love that I can connect with family and friends all over the country, I love that it gives opportunities to serve others who might be having a tough time, I love that it’s all these little bits of people’s lives that I know all mingled together in one location always with an opportunity to like or friend one more.

And I really could keep going on and on. Gratitude is something I want to take the time to be mindful of each and every day, no matter how I’m feeling. Earlier this year I read One Thousand Gifts, an incredible book about just that… Gratitude, giving thanks in every circumstance and every situation because that’s when true joy can be experienced. And I’m so excited about the new 1000 gifts free app out to make keeping track of all those things I have to be thankful for in one convenient little spot.

I hope you’ve taken some time to reflect on what you’re thankful for this November and hopefully every day! Praying you have a fantastic Thanksgiving, filled with good food, good times and good memories made with your loved ones! Happy Thanksgiving


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