Five Things Friday

I think it’s high time for a five things friday post, don’t you!? 🙂

1. It’s been an exciting week and I’m so happy that my dream of opening an etsy shop is coming true. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time (like years), and has been in the works for many months and now it’s become a reality. I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to “do what I love & love what I do” and hopefully others will love it to!

2. This sweet little boy loves the crumbs at the bottom of the cereal box, so much so that he requests them before we even get to the end of the box and we have to make our own crumbies to keep him happy! 🙂 His favorite cereal with crumbies: Cinnamon Life.  3. This little girl is always saying something funny. She’s so quick and her brain is always working. She is loving school now and can never wait to go.

 A couple of my favorite things she’s said recently:

“It depends what Daddy thinks, he’s the captain of this home.”

“There were real pirates when Grandma Rankin was born, right Mom?”

“My feet are telling me I’m hungry, what are your feet telling you?”

“When I was a baby, um before I was born, I would just eat all the crumbs in Mommy’s tummy.”

4. A quote that’s been inspiring and challenging me lately:

{Source: Femail Creations}

5. I couldn’t help but share a sneaky peek of the Christmas art I’ve been working on too! It’ll be posted to the shop next week!

 Have a terrific, terrific weekend!!!


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