A Travel Album: The Beginnings

 Hey Everyone! I’m back today to share with you the beginnings of my travel album, that I’ll be putting photos from our cruise and memorabilia into. All of what you see here was assembled before we left. I did take the album with me in case I felt the desire to put some things into it while we were away. On this trip I didn’t, but I did use my iPhone to jot down some memories and moments from the trip.

 One of the things I love about putting the bones of a mini album together before hand is that it helps me to get it done afterwards. Before a trip we are excited about it and are eager to go and for some are thinking about how we’re going to document and save those memories. Once we get back we’re excited to look at our photos and reminisce but for me the desire to put the album together at that point can sometimes be overwhelming. So, for me this makes the process go quicker and keeps it fun!

 You might be asking how I can put together an album without knowing how many photos I’ll have or what’s going to go in it? So, I’ll show you…

 This is the front page (I’ll talk about the cover in a minute). I simply cut a 4×6 sheet of cardstock and added a little journaling card where I thought I could add some of the details about the trip… the who, what, where, when & why information.On the back of the 4×6 I’ll likely adhere a photo or piece of memorabilia. Next I added a 5×7 piece of some of my favorite new patterned paper that seemed to fit well with the color scheme of my album, plus I just loved the camera & heart on it  for loving travel and photography! This page may stay just like it is or I might add a bit of journaling or some tiny photos on top… we’ll see.  Here’s a page I cut out of a 12×12 that I had a border and some lines… this will be perfect for some detailed journaling and memories with a photo adhered to the back of the previous page.   Room for more journaling, adhering memorabilia like ticket stubs, receipts, boarding passes, etc. Here’s a look at a couple more pages. Another thing I like to do is add 2 photos back to back as a page all on their own. As you can see the front and back cover at this point are just white. I made the cover from some thick chipboard that came with some product or something somewhere along the road (always save things that you think you might be able to use as mini album covers or for another part of your album or for any crafty project for that matter!) I love using repurposed stuff… just ask my hubby! 😉 So, my plans for the cover are to use some of these scraps from my interior pages to collage the front and add some miscellaneous embellishments and a title. I’ll share some of that process with you in the near future.  Here is some of the memorabilia that I’ll be including in the album and…  additional embellishments and goodies to include also. There is certainly way more here than I will end up using, but I like to have choices and a few options along the way.

This technique can be applied for any album, not just travel… you could do an album about things you’re thankful for, or for your holiday memories (which I’ll also be sharing with you soon) or favorite quotes your kids say, the list goes on and on and on and possibilities are endless!

So, have I got your creative juices flowing yet? Are you considering making a little album of your own? What subject are you considering?


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