We’re Back!

  We returned late Monday night from our cruise to Cozumel, Mexico! We had a great time! 
Posing for a photo in front of the Carnival Triumph. It was so incredibly bright & windy, it was hard to get a photo without squinty eyes & crazy windblown hair! But, this is still one of my favorites from the trip!  This photo documents the “after” of a water rescue that took place before we even made it to the Port of Galveston. We spent our first night in Oklahoma on the road trip to Texas, and before turning in for the night we let the kids go for a little swim in the indoor pool. Parker decided to be a little dare devil and jump into the pool without his floatie on! Aunt Jamie was the only other adult in the pool and she was way at the other end. I couldn’t stand by watching my baby struggling while Jamie swam to help so I jumped in, fully clothed. After that, he was done with the pool and so was I! 😉 Definitely a highly memorable moment from the trip! Posing for a family photo in the Paris Dining Room before the Captain’s Dinner. On Saturday we spent the day at the beach on a private island, Isla Pasion. Parker couldn’t get enough sand play! He loved digging and scooping in the sand and continued to do so until the last possible moment. That’s sweet little cousin Jeorgia enjoying the sand with him.   The highlight of our excursion on Isla Pasion for Noelle, was the Water Trampoline. That was the first thing she did when we got to the island (after eating lunch) and had a blast with our friend Pat and cousin Josie.  I don’t know what the official name of this part of the boat is, but isn’t this a cute photo of my little sweeties? On our trip we also enjoyed some mini golf, swimming, a couple of fantastic shows, running around on the sky deck, eating a lot of food while being entertained by some fabulous waiters, enjoying towel animals and chocolate mints left by the housekeeping staff each night, a bit of shopping, stuffing our very own teddy bears to bring home as souvenirs and ice cream cones at every turn. A great first cruise experience  for all four of us and many many great memories made!

Speaking of memories… you wouldn’t think I’d go on a trip without making a scrapbook do you? Well, tomorrow, I’ll share the beginnings of my trip scrapbook with you!


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