Etsy Shop Update

 {My Art coming to Etsy shop soon!}

I am diligently working on getting my Etsy shop ready for opening as we are nearing October 20! I’m super excited to get this shop up and going and am fine tuning details and continuing to work on making more art to make a bigger and better selection for any and all potential customers out there!

Our family is going to be going on a cruise to the Caribbean with my in-laws at the beginning of November and we will be gone for a week. Because of this and because I am still working hard to pull all the pieces of this new endeavor together, I will be postponing the opening a few weeks. My plan is to begin posting items into the shop by November 11th and then have a Grand Opening announcement by November 21st!

So, there you have it, the official update and another sneaky peek at what will be available soon! I’m also going to be putting together some Christmas themed art that will be perfect for gifts or for your own home!

Many thanks for your support and encouragement! 🙂


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