Right Now

Right Now… I’m trying to organize my to-do lists in order to be more productive and meet some goals.

Right Now… I’m reading “Getting Things Done” by David Allen.

Right Now… Parker is really into rhyming words, he even makes words up to rhyme with (and he’s quite good at it).

Right Now… Noelle is really loving school, is always talking about it and I love it because if you’d asked me a month ago I’d have thought she’d never love it.

Right Now… it’s Fall, but it feels more like Summer and I don’t mind a bit!

Right Now… I’m dealing with a cold and allergies both, but I’m still (trying to) happily trudge onward, hoping it goes away soon.

Right Now… life is busy, October is a busy month, doing my best not to become overwhelmed or stressed but focus on taking it one moment, one day at a time.

Right Now… my brain and heart are trying to trust God and focus on His faithfulness.

Right Now… I’m thankful for so many things and so many people in my life, even when other relationships may not be quite what I wish they would be.

Right Now… I’m already thinking about Christmas and have already started my shopping.

Right Now… I’m thankful for naps.

Right Now… I’m thankful for committing time to things that matter and for good time management, hoping I can continue growing at balancing my time and priorities.

Right Now… I’m content.


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