Five Things Friday


{Art by me, coming to Etsy shop soon!}

That’s right, today is the first official day of Fall! Yippee! My daughter has been excited about today like it’s Halloween or something! Seriously, why can’t we all have excitement for the little things like 5 year olds can!? 🙂

For this edition of five things friday I thought we’d go back to Pinterest for some of my favorite Fall inspiration finds!

1. This free downloadable banner is awesome! It comes with all kinds of different options, adding pictures, or things like “Boo!” or Happy Halloween! I’ve got one of my own printed out and excited to cut out the pieces and put up!

2. I think this Halloween mantle is so cute! Lots of fun different Fall and Halloween mantles out there on the world wide web to use for ideas and inspiration for decorating your own!

3. Go here for link to a template & directions to make these spooky Halloween houses! Perfect to add to your mantle or table decoration!

4. Does this not look SO yummy!?! Go here for a great list of all kinds of Halloween themed treats!

5. More cute Fall decorations! I am so doing this for a little shelf I have in my entry! So darling! Love it!

Hope you found a bit of inspiration here today and hope you enjoy the first day of Fall!!! Have a Fall-icious weekend! 🙂


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