Keeping It Real



Here it is, Sunday night (late night in fact) and my kitchen will remain a disaster. These two photos the evidence, not of a busy weekend, in fact quite the opposite. Although, I very much dislike the organization that is lacking as I get ready for bed, this is what it is. So, to future me, a reminder of a few things:

1) Make Sunday evening dinners simple… One pot at most… That would’ve taken care of at least a small portion of this mess.

2) Take the time at some point between Friday & Sunday to declutter “my spot”. Do you have one of these? The spot on your counter where things are magnetically pulled to land and the effort it takes to keep it neat and tidy is really not much except that “someone” continues piling and stacking and then it’s impossible to dig out the planner which leads me to…

3) Plan ahead for the week… What is on the calendar? What do I need to do? What do I want to do?

So, yes, feeling a bit behind as the start to the week quickly approaches, but taking a deep breath and saying a little prayer that this bit of chaos does not steal my joy, overwhelm me, or stress me out, but will help me to, next week do things a little bit differently! 🙂


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