Five Things Friday

 Goals… I’ve never been very good at making goals or writing them down, but now that I’m over 30 I’m getting a bit wiser in my years. 😉 I’m realizing that sitting down and making goals really is a very important thing, no matter how painstaking the process is. There’s that old saying that goes “if you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time” and I believe there’s a lot of truth to that. Not to mention goals can be very motivating and if you break them down into smaller, more manageable parts I believe they can be achieved and if they aren’t you can probably be able to measure why they weren’t achieved and not beat yourself up about it because you know exactly what went wrong and why it didn’t work out. Like maybe you had a goal to exercise every day this week, but your kid got sick in the middle of the night and then you got him back to bed and your smoke alarms started going off randomly and then everyone in your house was awake and the kids started talking and laughing and arguing in your bed and before you knew it you’d been up for three hours in the middle of the night! There’s no way you’re gonna get up early to get your workout in! {this is in fact a true story, names and locations will remain anonymous to protect the innocent!} 😉

Anyway, back to the goal making… Philippians 3:13-14 Paul says “one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” This is a verse that I’ve been studying recently and it goes right along with this idea of making and writing down goals. The metaphor of running a race is a perfect example. It’s a well known fact when you’re running a race you don’t look behind you or you’ll positively lose the race, I believe the same is true in life. If we’re looking behind us, back at our past, our mistakes, failures, etc. we will surely lose; but if we focus on what is ahead of us, continuing to press on and keep going we will reach the goal!

So, having said all that… my five things Friday today are 5 goals that I’ve written down for the remainder of the year in regards to my Altered Iris Etsy store & blog!

1. To have my Etsy shop open for business by October 20, 2011.

This is a big one, putting a date on opening is a little scary, but I feel it’s necessary. And I have a lot to do in order to make it happen… this is when breaking this big goal into smaller manageable pieces is going to be crucial. I need to determine packaging for my products, shipping, and an accounting system; I need to get some business cards made up; I need to finalize my background and set up for taking photos of my products; then of course I need to make some art! 🙂 So… logically the next goal is:

2. Start my Etsy shop with at least 20 or more pieces.

This means I need to create 2-3 pieces a week, which is definitely doable but, I do need to get cranking! 🙂

3. Have 50 blog subscribers by end of 2011.

I went back and forth on this number, but decided this was a good start. So… spread the word and help me reach my goal! 😉 I am hoping that once my store is full this will happen more quickly.

4. Have 10 or more sales by end of 2011.

I think this is definitely doable if goal 1 & 2 are reached… especially with the holiday season coming up. You can help me with this one too! 😉

5. Start a Facebook site by November 1.

I know it’s relatively easy to start a Facebook site, but I want to make sure I have a full shop before doing one. So, I thought Nov 1 would be a good target date.

and… a little bonus for you this Friday…

6. Continue updating blog on a regular basis, at least 2-3 times a week.

With blogging in the past I’ve been relatively inconsistent {although it’s never been a huge priority like it is now} and I’d like to be reliably consistent with this one.

So, what are your goals? Are you good at making them and writing them down, or not? Are you tempted to beat yourself up when you don’t accomplish them? Do you feel it’s more important to keep looking ahead and pressing on rather than looking behind you?

Have a fabulous 3-day weekend, see you next week! Depending on how lazy the weekend gets {or not} I might have some fun things to show you! 😉


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