Five Things Friday

So, what do you get when you have the last day of Summer vacation, first day of Kindergarten, a Kindergartener who pukes in her class on the 2nd day of school and the same kids who misses her school pictures all in the same week? A very long stressful week! But, come on, there are much worse things right? I’m just ready to get into this back to school routine and move on. Seriously though, I’m thankful for so many things… thankful that she’s back to good health, thankful none of the rest of us got it, thankful for the extra time with her, and the list goes on and on! 🙂

Something I’ve enjoyed doing on my personal blog is a “Five Things Friday” where I share 5 things that happened or that we did over the course of the week. So, I thought I would start a Five Things Friday here too only instead of personal things I thought I would share some favorite blog posts from other blogs, favorite pins from the week (since I’m a recent Pinterest addict), favorite products, or on a more serious note maybe 5 things I’m learning or 5 good books I’ve read, or anything I might feel like sharing! So, here goes this first edition of Five Things Friday on Altered Iris!! 😀

This week I thought I’d share some of my favorite recent Pins from My Pinterest!


#1. This super cool canvas that you can help your kids create and then hang in their room! So cool! This is definitely on my to do list to create with my daughter… she LOVES butterflies!


#2. How cute is this little garland made of dixie cups and a string of lights!? This would be such a fun addition to a party or wedding or even added ambience to a bathroom or mantle!!!


#3. How about this teacher’s gift for back-to-school!? This is a free printable from and I’m even picturing this on a bottle of hand sanitizer too! That can definitely come into use for a classroom! Maybe if I had seen this soon enough I could’ve made one for my daughter’s teacher and she would’ve avoided getting sick! 😉


#4. Isn’t this such a neat idea! All the birth dates of those in your family and then your wedding date! Awesome! Andrea has a full tutorial on how she made this lovely piece of art or a link to where you can buy them in case you’re not up for tackling it!


#5. Ok, so I just love, love, love this!!! It’s SO cute! I’m trying to figure out what wall in my house this could go on! I already have a set of these shelves and could probably come across another set at a thrift store or garage sale somewhere, line the back with some pretty paper and fill with assorted knick knacks! I’m thinking this would look neat in a kids room or maybe a bathroom with some pretty perfume or apothecary bottles, pretty soaps, etc.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little bit of eye candy from Pinterest and this first installment of Five Things Friday here!! Hope you have a splendid weekend! See you back here next week! I have a fun and easy crafty tutorial to share!


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