Crafting with Kids: This is Me Journal

We had a great time at the lake last weekend. It was in the upper 90’s here, so really, when it’s that hot, there’s no better place to stay entertained then near a body of water be it lake, pool, ocean, whatever! But, if you just want to stay inside out of the sun, then crafting in the a/c is the place to be and I’ve got a great, no mess craft that is sure to keep your kids busy for the rest of the Summer!

My daughter happened to see the journal that I started for my husband and I back when we were dating that we still write in from time to time and she made the comment that there weren’t any pictures in it and then we started talking about making one of her own. So, last night when the boys went out for their father/son date, we girls had a little date of our own! A crafty date! 🙂

First we started with about 10 sheets of card stock; she chose green and blue. We cut them into fourths with my handy dandy paper trimmer. If you don’t have any card stock on hand, you could use printer paper,  notebook paper, just about any kind of paper you can find and any size will work. We ended up with around 40 6×6 pages, since we used 12×12 card stock. She wanted to make a pattern (green, blue, green, blue, etc.) and so for the most part we had an every other color thing going on with the exception of some extra greens we added to the front and back.

Once we had that done, we punched some holes with my crop-a-dile, an ordinary hole punch works too and then put binder rings (found at any office supply store) through the holes and voila! Her very own journal! If you don’t have binder rings or don’t want to purchase any then you could also use ribbon, string, yarn, anything you have on hand really can work for this project… it’s totally customizable to what you have on hand!

Noelle, had fun writing down some of the things she’s going to do in Kindergarten and then she drew a cute little picture to go with it. I just love this and can’t wait to see what else she comes up with for the rest of her pages and it will become a great keepsake too! 🙂

{As you can see she’s working on getting those “S’s” just right!}

This is such a versatile project that could be used for all sorts of things for kids! They can draw and write in it, collect stickers, stamp and paint in it like an art journal, put photos in it to make a scrapbook, the list goes on and on! I hope you’ll take some time this Summer to make one of these quick & easy, no mess journals with the crafty kid(s) in your life! If you do, please share it with us!


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